Coleccion Botanica Mosaico para alberca

Colección BOTÁNICA | Verde Esmeralda - v20 | Architect, Alfonso Abe


Colección Botánica | Trigo v20 | Paradisus La Esmeralda by Meliá Resorts


Colección BOTÁNICA | Miel v50 | Rosewood Mayakoba Resort


Colección BOTÁNICA | Miel v20 | Paradisus La Esmeralda by Meliá Resorts


Colección BOTÁNICA | Miel | Trigo | By Tutti Mosaico-Inventiva Group Colombia S.A.S.


Colección BOTÁNICA | Trigo v20 | Rosewood Mayakoba Resort


Colección BOTÁNICA | Trigo v50 | By Tutti Mosaico-Inventiva Group Colombia S.A.S.

Botany Collection

Bring the essence of the jungle into any space.

In harmony with its surroundings, our dynamic BOTANICA collection is the perfect complement, creating an an equillibrium between the vitality of the green hues and the neutral browns, an a finish of sand particles suspended in glass. The essence of the jungle is imprinted on this collection in a combination of shades that take us back to the very to the very origins of nature.

This collection has the same characteristics as the AKUA but the color range is browns and greens. For pool applications, the green colors are suitable to match the surrounding garden and greenery. Browns are ideal for application in beach entries and spa areas.