Company History

In 1949, the Mexican muralist movement was flourishing. During this period the Perdomo family developed appropriate technologies and teamed with Murano glass masters and mosaicist with the purpose to provide artists and architects with top quality mosaics tiles and art services. Creative relationships were established with architects and artists such as Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Mario Pani and many others. By the end of the 50´s, the company was producing sacred and public artworks as well as private residential commissions and pool and spa projects for clients in the USA. Most of this works remain today in excellent conditions and the mosaics maintain color depth, purity and richness of tones. MVM | Mosaicos Venecianos de México® was born as the first glass mosaic factory in America. Today, MVM artisans and technicians continue the business vision, merging tradition and innovation with the sole intention of bringing the client’s personal vision to life.


Tradition and experience in Pool and Spa mosaics.

Cuernavaca, México is the birth place of the KOLORINES® brand. The “City of Eternal Spring” was the title given to the city by Alexander von Humboldt in the nineteenth century. It has long been a favorite escape of summer residences from México City and foreign visitors because of this warm, stable climate and abundant vegetation. Cuernavaca became the perfect workplace for developing technological innovation and artisanal sensitivity on pool and spa mosaic applications. KOLORINES®, is recognized worldwide for their essential quality by the international pool and spa community.

Mosaic artistry and glass technology interpret the essence of each project with sensitivity and richness of color, effecting a harmonious integration with design and architecture. Through the application of in-house technology, local raw materials are blended with the original glass and smalti formulas to produce an abundant richness of colors, variety of forms, and wide range of technical and creative possibilities to suit the specific needs of a design.KOLORINES® mosaics give floors, swimming pools and bathrooms a smooth finish. Clients may choose from a rich palette of colors and shades with added veins of color, as well as iridescents, translucents, mattes, whites, yellows and copper golds that transform the material into a unique piece of work and open up a world of possibilities.


is the heritage of Mexican art focused on creating new and unique contemporary mosaics worldwide with the use of an exceptional range of glass mosaic materials and technique.


The innovation, and the right technology are the basis for the success achieved by Kolorines®, a trademark of world-class quality.

For more than 65 years

Over more than 60 years, we have attained a wide variety of experience and full international recognition, permitting us to carry out residential and commercial projects around the globe in an atmosphere of trust and assurance.

Our Process

Mosaic artistry and glass technology interpret the essence of each project with sensitivity and richness of color, effecting a harmonious integration with design and architecture.We are committed to constant technological development and the continual implementation of innovative designs and materials that we believe are essential to progress and product differentiation. Our products catalog displays the proof of this commitment while offering 3 undeniable benefits: COLOR. the color formulas inherited from the master Venetian glassmakers that permit us to create a wide range choice of over 1000 colors through the combination of modern techniques. TEXTURE. The handcrafted personality of our glass mosaics can be seen in their different color shades and felt by touching the texture of each piece of mosaic tile. HIGH PERFORMANCE. Our performance system sets the standard by ensuring the installation of each mosaic piece in the same way as a jeweler attaches a stone to a ring, offering: + GRIP + RESISTANCE + SECURITY.